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Azienda Sperimentale “Vittorio Tadini” / Città di Piacenza

Address, e-mail, fax, phone, website    
Address: Località Gariga – Podenzano (PC)
Phone: +39 0523.523032
Fax: +39 0523.524351

Name of the contact person and contact details
Flavio Cammi
Role of the Person: Project Manager
Phone: +39 0523.523032
Fax: + 39 0523.524351

Brief description of organisation
The company Azienda Sperimentale Vittorio Tadini boasts a very old history that has made it a reference point for the whole food processing in Italy and in other countries as well.
Set up in 1928 as bequest of the count Vittorio Tadini this company has always fulfilled its statute duties carrying out research and experimentation activities in order to support the agricultural field.
Nowadays the Tadini company is a non-profit moral organization and it is administrated by an executive board named by the Emilia-Romagna Region and composed of the representatives of institutions engaged in agriculture and agro-industry as well as in agrarian schools or in universities.
The Tadini group
Since a few years the Azienda Tadini has reorganized itself and gave birth to a real group which involves many different companies. All the company’s efforts aim at efficiently reaching its statute goals.
The Tadini company totally controls the training center Vittorio Tadini S.c.a.r.l. – which manages the training activities –, the Società Agricola Vittorio Tadini S.r.l. – which is engaged in the management of the agricultural and zootechnical company – as well as the company “La Faggiola S.r.l.”, being its majority shareholder. The company “La Faggiola S.r.l.” was set up in order to make the historical rural center (which now belongs to the Società Tadini) the base for a multifunctional center which promotes rural culture valorizing the typical products of Piacenza.
The Azienda Sperimentale Vittorio Tadini is committed in the realization of projects regarding research, experimentation, consultancy and the transfer of innovations to agriculture and agro-industry.

The ongoing research projects are different because they focus on the vegetables productions field, an example can be the processing tomatoes, and on the zootechnical field (dairy cattle in particular). The company is considerably committed on the environmental side with a series of projects aimed at assessing and controlling the intensive agriculture’s consequences on the planet.

Brief description of geographic location peculiarities as far as the greenhouse gas emission from dairy farms
The province of Piacenza spreads over a varied territory characterized by the presence of mountains, hills and plains. In the plains concentrates the province major zootechnical breeding which has reached high levels of specialization during the years. The territory boasts a remarkable breeding density that corresponds approx. to 40 thousands cattle. Dairy cattle breeding is the most popular kind of breeding even if pig breeding is important too.
The territory of Piacenza was subjected to a sensible reduction of its provincial zootechnical wealth: from the 90es till the beginning of the 21st century cattle decreased by more than 30%, poultry by 20% and rabbits so much as by 40% while pigs remained almost stationary, decreasing only by 1-2%; on the other hand sheep and goats together increased as well as horses.
So, if in the 90es there were about CO2 emissions with a value equal to 303,000 ton/year, in the year 2000 this value reached 220,000 ton/year of CO2 produced, with a decrease of approx. 60%.