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Società Agricola Vittorio Tadini Srl/Associated City of Piacenza

Address, e-mail, fax, phone, website
Address: Frazione Gariga n. 16
Phone: +0523.523032
Fax: +0523.524351

Name of the contact person and contact details 
Pierluigi Arata
Role of the person: President
Phone: +0523.523032
Fax: +0523.524351

Brief description of your organisation
The Società Agricola Vittorio Tadini is an agricultural Ltd. with only one member and belongs to the company Azienda Sperimentale Tadini. It is administrated by a board of directors and aims at an eco-friendly zootechnical and agricultural production managing lands and buildings with the rental formula.  
The lands are approx. 60 hectare wide and breeding is composed of a herd of 270 animals which belong to the Holstein cattle and are inscribed in the genealogical register.     
The Società Agricola is certified in compliance with the norms UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and is registered following the EMAS scheme, ECC regulation n. 1221/2009 (EMAS III), registration number: IT-000585.
The Società Agricola accepts to support experimental activities conducted under the responsibility of the different customers and in particular the activities of the Azienda Sperimentale itself.  
All the tests carried out by the dairy farm aim at improving the agricultural and zootechnical productions and their relationship with the surroundings, provided that they can be managed within a system for environmental management without being in contrast with the environmental policy of the Società Agricola. Otherwise they will be rejected.
Following its own environmental policy (see:, Dichiarazione Ambientale) the dairy farm installed a photovoltaic structure on buildings which were once livestock for beef and veal (removal of the asbestos coverage). The structure consists of 2 generators, 396 photovoltaic modules and 6 inverters with an integrated architectonical classification.      

The total current rating is 97.02 kWp for a production of 125,445.4 kWh each year distributed on a surface of 673.2 m2.

Brief description of your geographic location peculiarities as far as the green house gas emission from dairy farms
The province of Piacenza spreads over a varied territory characterized by the presence of mountains, hills and plains. In the plains concentrates the province major zootechnical breeding which has reached high levels of specialization during the years. The territory boasts a remarkable breeding density that corresponds approx. to 40 thousands cattle. Dairy cattle breeding is the most popular kind of breeding even if pig breeding is important too.
The territory of Piacenza was subjected to a sensible reduction of its provincial zootechnical wealth: from the 90es till the beginning of the 21st century cattle decreased by more than 30%, poultry by 20% and rabbits so much as by 40% while pigs remained almost stationary, decreasing only by 1-2%; on the other hand sheep and goats together increased as well as horses.

So, if in the 90es there were about CO2 emissions with a value equal to 303,000 ton/year, in the year 2000 this value reached 220,000 ton/year of CO2 produced, with a decrease of approx. 60%.