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Catholic University of the Sacred Heart / City of Piacenza

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Address: Via Emilia Parmense  84
Phone: +39 052359911

Name of the contact person and contact details 
Stefano Amaducci
Role of the Person: Researcher
Phone: +39 0523 599223

Marco Trevisan
Role of the Person: Professor
Phone: +39 0523 599218

Brief description of your organisation
The Permanent observatory on the use of biomasses in agriculture – BIOMASS was created in Piacenza in 2010 as a research and experimentation center related to the Faculty of Agriculture.
The main goal of this center is to promote and develop both basic and applied activities on the use of biomasses in agriculture.
These activities have manifold aims:

  • study and promote the proper use of biomasses in agriculture;
  • delve into a study of the essential features of the biomasses that can be used in farming;
  • analyze and study the  impact that the use of biomasses can cause, on the one hand, to the environment, and, on the other hand, to the soil quality, fertility, stability and dryness;
  • promote the professional retraining of the operators of the sector about a proper and eco-friendly use of biomasses;
  • deepen the possible uses of biomasses outside the farming traditional practices;
  • create a reference point where the most advanced application experiences can be exchanged;
  • systematically collect and classify materials, documents and publications concerning researches, studies or applications in the industries that are the area of expertise of the center;
  • carry out specific researches on topics the center deals with.


The Institute of Agronomy has always emphasized such topics as grass cultivations; thereby it focuses on developing scientific knowledge on the general aspects of agronomy (soil, cultivation and the connections among climate, soil and cultivation) and growing techniques concerning the main herbaceous species in an agrarian point of view. It plays a significant role in the educational activities of the Bachelor in Science and Agrarian Technologies, since it is responsible for teaching fundamental subjects for the intellectual and professional training of the future Agricultural Sciences Graduates.
The Institute of Agricultural Chemistry deals with the  chemical research applied to agriculture, in particular with fertilizers and pesticides, with an integrated study of all chemical products used in farming and with preserving the soil-water-plant-air system from the process of accumulation, mobilization and absorption of organic and inorganic xenobiotics.