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Associazione Provinciale Allevatori of Milano and Lodi Associated City of Milan

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Address:Viale Isonzo, 27
Phone: +39025829811
Fax: +390258302708

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Stefano Zuliani
Role of the Person: Director
Phone: +39025829811
Fax: +390258302708

Brief description of your organisation
Associazione Provinciale Allevatori (APA), a farmers’ association of the provinces of Milan and Lodi, was set up on 31st October 1956 thanks to the initiative of some local farmers. It was legally recognized under presidential decree n. 1871 of 23rd of November 1960. APA is a private non-profit organization empowered by the government with public utility functions, such as select and genetically improve the livestock by means of Genealogy Books of all species and breed and implementation of functional monitoring and technical assistance services.
To reach its own mission statement APA:

  • controls the productive attitudes of the livestock, keeps Genealogy Books, fixes the selective policy guidelines by cooperating with public and privates organizations;
  • offers business consulting services on technical and economic aspects on the base of State-funded programs;
  • offers services of general interest, which public authorities entrusted it with;
  • develops research, training and information activities in order to solve particular technical and financial problems and to raise the farmers’ professional level.

The working bodies of APA are:

  • the Directive Committee, in charge of management and political decisions;
  • the Sections of species and breed, with the task to conceive programs and promote initiatives for those industries under APA’s jurisdiction, which must undergo the Directive Committee’s approval;
  • the Mayors’ College, which controls the legal aspects of the financial and administrative management of the association;
  • the board of Arbitrators.

APA’s financial resources are:

  • public contributions;
  • members’ shares.

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